Going Paperless: Why Every Office Needs a Document Scanner

industrial document scanner

Each year, individual office workers use about 10,000 sheets of paper. Not only does this amount to massive paper waste, but it can cost companies a lot of money in buying paper products and storing documents. This is why so many companies are choosing to head in the paperless direction. With the right industrial document scanner, your company can benefit from using less paper in the office.

Increase security: Paper documents can easily get lost or end up in the wrong hands. And when you have sensitive company or client information on said documents, misplaced documents can be disastrous. But with a tabletop scanner, your employees can easily scan and upload documents into a secure database where access can be limited.

Easier collaboration: When employees have to share one physical document, it can be difficult to work together. Fortunately, having documents stored online will allow employees to all work on the same document at the same time. This increases the speed and efficiency of which projects can be done.

More space: Storing documents in filing cabinets throughout the office can take up a lot of room — not to mention the piles of paperwork on employees’ desks. By using a stand alone document scanner, employees can clear clutter and you can utilize the extra space in the office.

Boost productivity: If employees have to spend time looking for the right document through piles of paperwork, they’re going to waste a lot of time. A table top scanner can increase productivity because employees will no longer have to spend time searching for documents. With a few clicks, they can have quick access to the document they need — saving both them and the company time.

Save money: All of these points amount to one thing: saving money. With increased productivity and efficiency, employees can get more work done in less time. And with increased document security, the company won’t be at risk of losing money if information gets stolen. With a full page scanner in the office, the company will be able to continue to grow.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why your office needs an industrial document scanner. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of the mountains of paperwork spread throughout your office, increase productivity, and save the company money, then invest in one of the top document scanners today.