PDI products include some of the most reliable magnetic card readers on the market and the highest levels of customer service.

An ID card’s magnetic strip can hold such personal details as names and account numbers, storing up to 60 characters magnetically, which explains their overwhelming proliferation in the marketplace. You business needs an ID reader that can process this information.

PDI offers a wide range of high-quality scanners, magnetic card readers, card printers, and dispensers. Manufacturers, systems integrators, and resellers around the world are utilizing PDI’s products and services to give them the competitive edge within their industry.

What do you get when you choose PDI for ID readers and magnetic card scanners?


When you invest in a PDI product, our experts provide product and installation training for any product. With our training packages, individuals and groups will be well equipped to fully understand and use the product with ease. Our technical and customer support services are also available to answer any questions and assist with all of your ongoing training needs.

Printing & Form Design

PDI designs a variety of forms in various lengths and widths, allowing you to print your choice of colors on their customized forms. With our vast printing capabilities, we are able to print your customized forms on an assortment of paper stocks and thicknesses. No matter the reason you need to print identification, our printing capabilities are unmatched.

A Huge Inventory of ID Readers and Magnetic Card Readers

We offer a wide range of products to fit any and all needs, including document, magnetic ID, smart card, RFID, or RNFC readers and writers. Our basic products include:

  • Document scanners
  • Magnetic stripe readers
  • Contact smart card readers
  • RFID contactless card readers
  • Magnetic ID card scanner
  • Passport & ID readers
  • Paper ticket printers
  • Plastic card dispensers

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? No problem. PDI’s professional engineering staff can work with you to create a custom device to fit your personal requirements. We’ll work with you from start to finish to design and create a variety of scanners, optical mark, and smart card readers to fit your needs.

Why Choose PDI?

PDI has been providing high quality products and services since 1969. Over a million of our products are being utilized worldwide as key components of the most widely used equipment in a variety of industries. Our staff is determined to make sure our customers’ wants and needs are our number one priority.

Choosing PDI will not only give you access to the best scanning, reading, and data input equipment on the market, but will also give you the additional value of being able to receive assistance from our senior management consulting team. Whether you need mag stripe readers for security, customer identification, access and control, or any other purpose, you can trust PDI to deliver some of the most reliable magnetic card readers on the market.