PDI is a world class Original Equipment Manufacturer of computer peripherals

PDI provides quality that gives you the competitive edge.

OEM Peripheral Scanners, Card Readers, & Printers

We design and manufacture OEM mechanisms & desktop models:

PDI has been providing manufacturers, systems integrators, and value-added resellers with top-quality, cost-effective OEM computer peripheral scanners, card readers, and printers. We are a computer peripheral manufacturer with over a million devices such as document and ID license scanners operating throughout the world in a diverse range of applications including archiving, lotteries, gaming, voting, education, and transportation. When you choose any of our OEM computer peripheral scanners, you’re not only choosing a top-quality device but also access to our technical support team to help with your operation. Whether you need an ID card scanner device or and NFC reader, look no further than PDI.

Featured Products


PageScan IV

The New Full-Page Image Scanner That Combines Durability With High Speed in a Stand-Alone Table-Top Unit


EZscan IV

The New Full-Page Image Scanner That Combines High Speed and Sharper Images in 8-Bit Grayscale



A New Horizontal-Feed Reciprocal-Action Scanner in a Stand-Alone Table-Top Version for Half Page and Smaller Documents



Scans driver’s licenses and ID cards at 200/400 DPI. Full color in duplex mode.