Another Pennsylvania Resident Wins $1 Million in Lottery

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Pennsylvania is now home to a $1 million winner of the $20 ticket scratch-off game, “$1,000,000 Power Payday.” Krista Riddle’s winning ticket was validated as a $1 million winner last month, making her the fifth person to cash out big from this particular scratch-off game.

According to Riddle, she only buys a $5 scratch-off ticket occasionally, but she was feeling lucky that particular day.

“I bought the ticket on my way to work that morning and won,” Riddle explained, speaking of a $5 ticket she purchased. “I told my coworkers at work that day I was feeling lucky… After work, I went back to the store, cashed it, put in $20 on another ticket and won a million.”

The store that ticket was purchased from, the Country Fair store in Saegertown, will receive $5,000 from the Pennsylvania Lottery just for selling the winning ticket.

While excited about the big win, Riddle said she will be wise with how she spends her winnings.

Importance of a Reliable Scanner for Lottery Tickets
With seven in 10 Americans owning at least one credit card, it’s no surprise that numerous people buy lottery tickets every day. Whether it’s just for fun or because they’re feeling lucky, people buy tickets in hopes that the lotto ticket scanner will tell them they’ve won.

Last year, launched a new app that allowed lottery players to use their smartphones as a lottery ticket scanner. Across the country, people were using the app to scan and track their physical tickets and waiting patiently to get notified if they won. Soon after, more lottery scanner apps popped up, making it more convenient than ever for players to check their tickets.

Unfortunately, these smartphone apps aren’t always as reliable as they should be.

Since the launch of these apps, more than one agency came forward to tell players that the ticket-scanning function was temporarily down and may have told winners they had actually lost.

So, while smartphone apps can serve as a convenient scanner for lottery tickets, are they always a good idea? With so much programming having to go into creating these apps, things can go wrong pretty quickly if even the smallest mistake is made.

This is why so many people still rely on traditional lotto scanners to check their winnings. By using a reliable, efficient scanner for lottery tickets, users can rest assured that their results are accurate.

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