What to Consider When Buying an ID Scanner

ID scanners play a big role in a lot of different businesses. When a bar, liquor store, or convenience store purchases the wrong ID scanner, many different problems can arise—legally or otherwise. Make sure the right steps are taken to purchase a scanner that works well and works all the time. To help, we’ve created a guide on what to consider when buying an ID scanner. Learn more about what to look for below.

Where Will the Scanners Be Used?

Your first to step to buying the right ID scanner is figuring out where employees will use the scanner. If you work at a bar, then an ID scanner that doesn’t move, won’t work out. Grocery stores, on the other hand, will benefit from a variety of ID scanners for the checkout workers to managers who need to check on the fly. Once you determine where the scanners are used, you’ll be in a better position to pick the right kind for your business.

Is It Simple to Use?

The simplicity of a scanner depends on a few different things—one being portability. If the scanners are for a nightclub, then a portable scanner is vital. Generally, however, ID scanners should be easy to handle, and have the capability to scan IDs quickly and accurately. You should not have to sacrifice one over the other. Think about it this way—scanners should simplify your business and make your employees’ jobs easier, not more complicated.

Will It Hold up Long Term?

The durability of an ID scanner is another big aspect to a successful purchase. If your old ID scanner broke after one weekend of scanning, then you’ll know how frustrating it is to purchase a tool that breaks after doing its job. High-frequency scanners can mean a lot of wear and tear; your ideal scanner should withstand years of heavy use. That said, you’ll want up-to-date technology. Just because your current ID scanner still works doesn’t mean it’s not time to upgrade to a peripheral scanner that can read the information on the bar codes of cards.

What’s the Storage Ability Like?

Similarly, another aspect to consider when buying an ID scanner is the storage ability. Some ID scanners can store information obtained during a scan. These scanners can improve further if they give alerts—maybe you need to know who is banned from a venue, and with the scanner and its storage abilities, you’re able to find this out right away. This storage ability is also essential if you need to provide the police with information.

Your main goal is to find a scanner that’s relevant on all things technical. Old-school scanners won’t cut it anymore, which is why you should turn to Peripheral Dynamics Inc. We design and manufacture peripheral ID card scanners that are top quality and cost effective. Come to us, and we’ll ensure that your scanners have everything you need!