Benefits of Accepting Contactless Payments

  • June 19, 2020
  • Blog

The modern worries of both consumers and business owners concerning credit card fraud and identity theft are not without precedent. Make no mistake about it: Technology is both a blessing and a curse in business. It should come as no surprise that many newer technological advancements have come as a result of newer technology-related threats. Contactless payment in the form of radio frequency identification (RFID) card readers is no exception. Here are just a few benefits of accepting contactless payments at your business.

It Protects Customers Financially

Trust—that is to say, the relationship you build with your customers—is critical to your business’s growth, but seldom is it ever easy to obtain and hold on to. Contactless RFID card readers won’t enhance customer perception of you overnight, but they can certainly make a big difference over time. Customers who feel safe, confident, and cared for are more likely to return and recommend you to others. Investing in contactless payment is a small gesture that you can’t afford to not make. Show your customers that you care about their financial protection.

It Speeds Up Transactions

RFID smart card readers do not require a pin or signature. As a result, they’re faster than traditional payment methods and can, therefore, reduce stress on your customers and employees. Employees, in many cases, have it worse than customers. Long lines are stressful, and that stress is difficult to leave behind when a person clocks out for the day. They live it, day in and day out. This stress affects employee health, morale, and productivity. Further, faster transaction times will earn your business more money because you’re not losing frustrated customers at the end of the checkout line who either don’t want to wait or don’t have the time to wait.

It’s More Sanitary

Let’s not mince words: PIN pads (as well as their corresponding pens and touch screens) aren’t clean. They’re a breeding ground for all sorts of germs that are just waiting to cling to our fingers and spread about the world. While other areas of your store or restaurant are more likely to experience periodic sanitization, the same is not necessarily true for your PIN pads and touch screen POS systems. It’s not exactly practical to have someone, whether it’s a worker or a customer by their own volition, wipe down the pad before use. This can be especially problematic if you run a busy operation. This is where the sanitary benefit of accepting contactless payment comes into play. To complete a transaction, a customer only needs to swipe their card, wallet, or phone over the contactless RFID card reader. As the world quickly becomes more health-conscious—and more aware of the hidden dangers that lurk atop every surface—it’s more important than ever before that your business takes every action possible to respectfully respond in kind.

Despite the seeming economic inclination toward e-commerce and online business, brick and mortar stores are here to stay—and they are a crucial part of your business and local communities. As such, it’s important you don’t neglect your duties to your customers, team members, and community, who all spend time in your business. Let Peripheral Dynamics Inc. help you create a better, safer, and cleaner space for your employees and customers. Choosing to accept contactless payment is a meaningful, microcosmic gesture that has powerful, macrocosmic consequences.