Everything You Need to Know About the EZscan IV Document Scanner

  • February 20, 2020
  • Blog

More and more, businesses are turning to digital filing systems and the convenient, feature-rich document scanners that make them possible. The EZscan IV Stand-Alone scanner and its OEM scanner counterpart are sleek, attractive, loaded with features, and sized to fit comfortably in or around most any workstation or office.

Digital Record Storage Today

The ability to digitize almost any document by scanning it, as well as the proliferation of cloud and other storage options – many of them free or nearly free – has changed the way businesses keep records. Dedicated scanning services have emerged as a bona fide industry, read to scan an office-worth of documents for a significant fee. But with the right scanner, contracting out those scanning tasks isn’t necessary. Today’s scanners such as the EZscan unit are rapid, intuitive, convenient, and full of features to enhance the results and mitigate the labor of scanning work.

The EZscan IV Half-Page Image Scanner

The EZscan IV is a high-speed document scanner housed in a compact but durable polycarbonate shell. Versatile and multifunctional, the EZscan mechanism is equipped for reciprocating or straight-through operation, making it among the most flexible scanners on the market. Scanning at a brisk 22 inches per second, it produces high-quality images and seamless text reproductions.

Features of the EZscan IV Document Scanner

  • Duplex or simplex scanning: Duplex scans both sides of a document for quick turnaround, while simplex scans one side at a time for greatest definition and accuracy.
  • Available with a built-in ink-jet or thermal printer, or as a peripheral scanner in your printing center.
  • Automatic scanning of a range of documents from A6 to 2.75-inch.
  • Image capture rate is 8 dots per millimeter.
  • Built-in audit and reread feature.
  • Ready for a range of printer pairings, even magnetic ink.
  • Networks through a high-speed USB 2.0 port.
  • Convenient document-skew correction software means fewer re-scans.
  • Ergonomic front-feeding, front-ejecting document apertures.

Affordable and Compact

With an affordable price and user-friendly compact size, the EZscan IV may be the only scanner you need to bring your office into the digital age and finally file away the old cabinet system. With every worker in your office using as many as 10,000 sheets of paper per year, it’s the eco-friendly choice as well.