Everything You Need to Know About What ID Scanners Detect

  • July 22, 2019
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If you are a bar, hotel, or nightclub owner, you might be wondering why you need to use an ID reader when admitting customers. There is an argument that ID readers are interfering with the privacy of customers; however, government rules and regulations have to be followed regardless of their subjective approach.

But, what do ID scanners actually detect? This is a common question among hotel and bar owners. In this article, the benefits of an ID scanner will be discussed, which will bring the curtains down on this controversial issue that has been in the media for a few years.

What do ID scanners actually detect and what is their purpose?

Guest Identity

One of the major things detected by an ID scanner machine is the identity of a guest. Traditionally, most hotels and nightclubs have been identifying their guests by requesting for an identification document. However, some identification documents are forgeries, and they do not present the actual information about the identity of the guest.

As a business owner, you should be able to tell the identity of the people in your establishment. The identification scanner will help you to collect exact information about a guest and avoid a situation where you are accommodating unknown people, some with ill intentions.

Suspect Identification

As a bar owner, you have the right to ask tough questions about the legality of the identity scanner. If you ask a question like, what do ID scanners actually detect; you will get clear details about the suspect identification process. Your nightclub operates past midnight, which means that you could be providing a haven for criminals who carry out their illegal acts after dark.

However, with an identity scanner, you will be able to store all the details of the people in your establishment at all times. Police will use these details to investigate criminal activities in the area, and you could be of great assistance in eliminating illegal and potentially dangerous activities.

Professional Venue Management

There is always the limit to the number and the age of the people who should access your nightclub or bar. However, enforcing the age limit is often compromised by fake and forged physical identity cards. Therefore, by simply doing a visual examination of IDs, you will never have the exact information on the age of the person in your club. This might put you in a collision course with authorities, and you might risk losing your club or bar license.

Therefore, when your customers pose the question of what do ID scanners actually detect, tell them that it detects their age. This will help you to scare away the underage individuals. Again, you will avoid getting into any conflicts with the authorities.

Collecting Demographic Data

As a nightclub operator, you will be highly interested in the specifics of the customers that you are serving. However, you can only know your customers by collecting their demographic information through an ID card reader. Understanding your customers is an essential part of your business operations as it will help you to formulate marketing strategies. You will be able to base your marketing content around this data, thereby tailoring your services to a particular niche.

If you are still wondering what do ID scanners actually detect, this article has elaborated on some of the details that will help you to understand its applications. Current statistics show that more than 46% of Americans have a passport, which means that it is easier to scan their identities. It is a useful and important technical device that you should not miss in your business.