What You Should Know About ID Card Readers

Peerless Research Group conducted a study in 2016 that states that 38% of growing companies have plans to invest in FID in the next 12 months. This is because companies and business owners are in constant need to scan barcodes, and one of the major barcodes they need to scan is an ID. It is vital that companies have a drivers license reader, especially if they are selling products with an age limit such as alcohol and cigarettes.

If your company is planning on investing in an ID barcode reader, here is everything you need to know about a fake ID scanner.

How Does An ID Card Barcode Reader Work?

A driver’s license scanner is an electronic device that reads and stores data on a driver’s license stripe. The information is displayed on the screen enabling a bouncer, bartender, or clerk to verify the names of a person’s names and age. They are commonly used in bars, nightclubs, casinos, liquor stores, convenient stores, and police enforcement.

Driver’s license cards are used any time a person needs to confirm their identity, but more often, to find out how old a person is. They usually have a PDF417 barcode, which looks like a regular barcode. This barcode, however, contains all the information of your ID in a single place. Capturing this information quickly makes it possible for service providers to serve you promptly.

Detecting a fake ID is easier if you have an id card barcode reader. Most home-made IDs will not scan at all. Fake IDs that are hard to detect will likely have an error in the security pattern alerting you if something is amiss.

What Type Of Barcodes Does An ID Card Reader Scan?

ID cards have 2D barcodes, which holds your information. What you need to note is that most states will organize the data differently, which makes it essential to know how information in your state is organized. The security pattern on the ID will be in the form of a bar code, a magnetic strip, hologram, or color combination. The patterns in any ID are made to precision in each state. To make a fake ID, you would need to know how each state codes its IDs, because if the information isn’t created correctly, it won’t read properly. This makes it easier for business owners to tell a fake ID from a real one when using a barcode scanner ID card.

Types Of Scanners

There are tons of scanners available on the market. The majority of people prefer to use a handheld ID scanner because it is portable and easy to use. You will either get a memory card reader which communicates with a smart card reader and stores the information on a memory card. If your state uses magnetic strip ID cards, you will need to purchase a magnetic card reader. ID card barcode reader will likely be a smart card reader which have a type of plastic technology card that inbuilt and used to process the information on an ID electronically. They are available in contactless, contact, or combined models.

A contact card reader requires that the ID card be inserted into the ID reader to capture information. These types of readers are best for government IDs, student IDs, e-commerce transactions, and loyalty cards, among others.

A contactless ID card barcode reader will capture the information on an ID card when the ID is brought close. A contactless reader is convenient and saves time. Business owners in the service industry prefer this reader because of its convenience. A combined card reader will have both aspects of the contact and contactless card reader.

The best card reader should be based on the reader’s capability with contact and contactless readers. It will also depend on whether you plan to use it indoor or outdoor and its compatibility with access control systems.

Buying a card reader is not complicated if you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. However, you need to look at the convenience of use, the card you plan to scan, and the reader’s capability to use the reader.