What Is An ID Card Barcode Reader?

  • November 18, 2019
  • Blog

Many businesses today are using ID card barcode readers to keep track of a wide variety of data to help them run more smoothly and efficiently. These scanners first made their debut in the retail industry to monitor inventory. Today, ID barcode scanners are used across multiple industries. But what is an ID card barcode reader? What do they detect? What are the benefits of using them? This technology can be used in a variety of ways to help businesses and the customers they serve.

What Is An ID Barcode Reader?

You may have seen ID cards and badges with barcodes on them like the ones you see on packages at the grocery store. An ID barcode scanner records and translates these barcodes into alphanumeric digits. These digits are sent to a computer database either wirelessly or through a wired connection. The database entry pulls up whatever information is stored. In the case of ID cards, this information might be a person’s name, address, sex, or other identifying data. The magnetic strip on the back of an ID card or credit card can magnetically store 60 characters of personal details such as a person’s name or account number.

There are two types of barcodes these scanners can read. The first is the 1D, which is a linear barcode you are already familiar with on packages. 2D barcodes have greater storage capacity but require an image scanner. There are a variety of scanners types that use either lights or lasers to capture barcode images. These scanners are able to connect directly to numerous point of sale (POS) systems and smartphones.

What Do ID Scanners Actually Detect?

ID scanners detect whatever information is stored on the barcode or magnetic strip of someone’s ID or credit card. There is no way to know what information is actually stored on the card without the use of the scanner. This makes it ideal for spotting fake IDs. It is also able to help cut down on identity theft.

New technology is making it easier to simply upload an image to your smartphone. Businesses can simply scan the image to access their database. This eliminates the need for you to carry a physical copy of your license in your wallet or purse for someone to steal. Also, hackers cannot access your information because the data is not stored or collected by the business itself.

What Are The Benefits of ID Barcode Readers?

ID barcode scanners offer many benefits to businesses. Businesses can operate more efficiently using ID scanners. Besides tracking inventory and speeding up check-in and check-outs, these scanners can also keep track of employee information and benefits. Timecards and attendance can easily be stored in a database used by these scanners. This eliminates the need to have to hunt down paperwork. ID scanners help business owners save both time and money.

They are affordable and easy to use. They do not require software updates and they do not get viruses. These scanners are able to read codes from a distance. They can connect directly to any computer system or smartphone, which is an asset for business owners who frequently travel.

ID card barcode readers can be a tremendously helpful tool for any business. Whether it is tracking inventory, benefits, or membership perks, these scanners create easier ways to serve their customers and employees. They also help businesses run more efficiently, providing any information they need with excellent efficiency.