Exploring the Advantages of Handheld ID Card Scanners

  • November 20, 2019
  • Blog

Scanning is important in places of business and even homes. Scanning has helped improve the security of companies as it helps examine everyone who is coming into the building. Different types of scanners exist in the market, with the most common one being handheld ID scanners. This guide helps you understand the advantages of using handheld ID card scanners.

They Are Portable

Handheld ID card scanners are small in size, and thus they are easily carried around the company. The battery of the scanner serves for several hours, which means that it is charged after working hours. Thus, employees can go with them all around the company without worrying that the battery will die. The mobility of handheld ID card scanners improves the productivity of a company, and it enhances safety in all entrances.

Scanning Is Fast

Handheld ID card scanners have been infused with advanced technology, which allows it to scan the contents of an ID fast. The ID will reflect within a few minutes giving results if the ID exists in the country’s records or not, which means that the ID is fake. That way, clients do not have to wait at the entrance doors of your company because scanning is taking long. The barcode reader in a handheld ID card scanner is advanced, and that is why the results reflect within a short period.

Reduce Employee Training Time

The time taken to study other types of scanners is usually more extended due to the complexity of their functioning. However, this is not the case with handheld ID card scanners as they are easy to use. All an employee needs to learn is how to direct the light of the scanner on the ID and record the information. Therefore, employee training time is significantly reduced.

A Good Amount of Memory Space

Handheld ID scanners have a good memory space, and thus they can record up to hundreds of documents in a day. Employees do not have to rush to the office to transfer the documents to the computer. The device holds all the records intact until the end of the day without filling the memory space.

Tracking of IDs is Easy

As mentioned earlier, the details of IDs are usually recorded on the handheld ID scanner. Therefore, if an ID is used twice to access the building, the employee will notice this because the information will be noted as a duplicate. Therefore, the person who will be using the ID for the second time will be held, and the first person to use the ID will be questioned. This helps improve the security of a company. A fake ID scanner will be used at this point, and if the ID is fake, the two people will be handed to the police for interrogation.

A Wide Range of Types

Handheld ID card scanners come in various types from the small ones to a computer document scanner. The computer document scanner is used to scan IDs that are in phones and computers of people coming into your company. Some people do not carry around their hardcopy ID, but they have their information in the software format. As a company owner, you will buy a scanner type that suits the need of your company.

They Can Be Combined With a Printer

Another advantage of handheld ID card scanners is that they can be combined with a printer to give a photocopier. About seven in 10 Americans have at least one credit card. Therefore, it is vital to get photocopies to follow up with the payments in case issues occur between the company and the bank. Smart card readers can also be combined with a printer for this particular reason. This protects your accounts in case of any financial hiccups. Therefore, it is vital to have an ID card printer in your company.

Handheld ID card scanners play a crucial role in business security. Are you ready to make the switch to handheld ID card scanners?