Types of Businesses That Could Benefit Most from Going Paperless

  • June 26, 2018
  • Blog

tabletop scannerIn the past, companies around the world have relied on paper documents to keep company, customer, and sale records. However, the Gartner Group shows that 15% of paper documents are misplaced, with 7.5% being lost completely. It can be devastating to lose important documents — especially if they contain sensitive information — which is why more companies are relying on tabletop scanners to help them go paperless.

But which companies could benefit most from using online filing systems?

Medical facilities: Over the past several years, more and more medical professionals have decided to take the paperless route. Not only do medical facilities use mass amounts of paper on a daily basis, but they have to worry about patient confidentiality concerns and information security.

Because of this, medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, and doctor offices can benefit greatly from using tabletop scanners and online record-keeping systems. Online systems can help store data, allow easy access to patient information, and can reduce the risk of errors being made. It’s also much easier to patients to get access to their charts and medication information when needed. Overall, using digital systems can be immensely beneficial for medical facilities.

Insurance agencies: Insurance agencies are another type of business that use a mass amount of paper regularly. From customers’ claims to policy updates, there is a lot of information insurance companies need to get out to their customers. And while they usually do this by making copies and sending paper documents, a computer document scanner can greatly reduce the amount of paper needed. Using a tabletop scanner to scan initial documents into an online system, insurance agents can then make edits, notes or send information to customers. This can automate manual processes and allow agents to find information much faster than having to sort through piles of paperwork.

Financial firms: Keeping customer information secure is a top priority among financial firms and advisers. Because financial records hold particularly sensitive information, it’s important that customer information is always stored in a safe place. Often, this means the documents shouldn’t be stored in the physical world at all. This is where stand alone image scanners can come in useful, by scanning and filing records online, financial firms will be able to increase security of their customers’ information. Additionally, employees need to be able to locate and access customer information quickly when they have a meeting with a client. With a well-organized online system, this can be done with ease.

While all companies could benefits from going paperless, these are a few examples of businesses that could truly improve by using online systems. From increased productivity to having easier access to documents, there are no downsides to looking into some top document scanners and going paperless.