The Top Money-Saving Advantages of Electronic Scanning

  • December 18, 2019
  • Blog

Globally, the average data breach costs up to $3.92 million, according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Worryingly, instances of data breaches are only increasing. In fact, HIPAA data shows that these costs have gone up by 12% in the last five years, and continue to rise.

That’s why retailers need to take action to avoid data breaches, and they need to do it now. Thankfully, cost-effective scanners and readers, including handheld drivers license scanners, ID readers, magnetic card scanners, and lottery ticket scanners all help keep information secure for retailers and their customers.

Large retailers must check shoppers’ licenses for purchases of tobacco, alcohol, and lotto tickets. Plus, accepting credit cards and, increasingly, mobile pay apps is a must these days. Selling over-the-counter medicines also require verification in some instances, particularly in the sale of medications containing pseudoephedrine. In-store pharmacies continually verify customers’ information, for the customer, the pharmacy, and health insurance companies.

That’s a lot of responsibility. Thankfully, electronic scanners can put in the work for you. Here are the benefits of investing in portable scanning technologies:

  • Keep Customers’ Card and Bank Information Private

  • Paying by debit or credit card is the norm. More and more consumers are downloading and using apps like Google Wallet and Apple Pay. These payment options, while convenient, also come with considerable risks–and it’s up to retailers and businesses to make certain consumers are safe from these risks. Thankfully, cost-effective magnetic ID card readers provide extra protections for consumers’ data.

  • Keep Things Moving

  • These days, efficiency is key. For stores with pharmacies on-site, using out-dated technologies to verify consumers’ identities slows things down. Using a secure and efficient handheld drivers license scanner speeds up transactions, verifying customers’ personal information for insurance and sales purposes.

  • Give Customers What They Want

  • Almost half of consumers purchased a lottery ticket in the last 12 months. Still, the process can be time-consuming, turning customers off from these purchases. Electronic scanning technology verifies that the customer is 18 or over and helps scan and evaluate winnings in next to no time.

  • Keep Customers Coming Back

  • Data breaches turn customers away. By keeping information organized and safe, you keep customers coming back and returning to your store.

  • Retain Employees and a Crystal-Clear Reputation

  • Finally, there are practices in place like “stings” and other vetting practices to make certain employees ID customers. Rather than losing employees to stings–and your reputation along with it–give staff members super fast means of checking necessary information.

Your customers expect speed, efficiency, and safe transactions. Period. Guarantee it to them with handheld drivers license scanners, magnetic ID scanners, and lotto ticket scanners.