3 Enticing Benefits of ID Barcode Scanners For Bars

  • December 27, 2019
  • Blog

Bars and nightclubs have a responsibility to the customers they serve. Accidentally serving alcohol to minors can cause them to lose their liquor license, face hefty fines, and even serve jail time. Identifying fake IDs is critical for these businesses to remain open. Handheld ID scanners for bars not only help with preventing underage alcohol sales but provide additional enticing benefits as well. Here are the 3 main advantages of these handheld ID scanners:

Reduced Risk Exposure

If a handheld scanner is used to verify someone’s ID, it reduces the risk of potential penalties to the bar, nightclub, or restaurant. If you can show the state that you are taking reasonable efforts to eliminate underage alcohol sales, you may not be held liable if it accidentally occurs. Approximate 11 states have already passed affirmative defense provision laws to protect establishments where alcohol is served. But even if you don’t live in one of those states, your exposure to risk can still be protected by using handheld ID scanners for bars.

Another interesting feature of these handheld scanners is they can alert you to customers of legal age who use their ID to let a minor purchase alcohol. If a particular ID has been scanned multiple times at other locations within a certain period of time, an anti-passback feature will alert you.

Troublemaker Tracking

These handheld scanners can help bars and nightclubs keep out troublemakers who caused a scene at their establishment. You can scan the ID of the person you are banning and it will alert security the next time the patron tries to visit. Some ID readers will even alert you if a patron has been kicked out of another similar establishment. This will help create a more enjoyable experience for your customers knowing they can be safe from unruly patrons.

Improved Marketing Capability

These handheld scanners store demographic information about your customer base, such as age, location, and gender. This can help you get to know exactly who your customers are. You can then use this information for more targeted social media campaigns and advertising in order to increase overall profits. In 2015, there were approximately 218 million people with driver’s licenses in the United States. These scanners will help you narrow down this number to find and reach your best customers.

Handheld ID scanners for bars are excellent tools to help owners provide a better overall experience for the customers it serves. These scanners can help prevent underage alcohol sales, increase safety for customers, and improve a business’s marketing capabilities. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business and your employees are protected from risk. You can then truly focus on strengthening your business for years to come.