The Benefits of Equipping Your Bar with an Handheld ID Scanner

  • December 1, 2018
  • Blog

ID scanners are a reliable resource for bar owners who are trying to make sure that underage patrons do not enter their club or bar. Fake IDs are still common around the high school and college crowd, which can put an otherwise respectable establishment at risk. Especially if something happens to the underage patron or they are discovered later by law enforcement. Giving your security guards a handheld id scanner will ensure that fake ids will never slip through the door. Equipping your workers with proper technology undoubtedly boosts efficiency, and will also put you in a peace of mind.

ID readers will help you keep track of unruly bar patrons. Once your ID scanner has read the card, it will gather personal information from your patrons such as name, date of birth, and place of residence. This is also a great tool to stop ID passing, which means more than one patron enters your establishment using one ID, fake or real. The ID scanner will be able to immediately detect anything out of the ordinary, such as the same ID being used within minutes.

Many handheld ID scanners and ID scanner apps will give you the option of having a ban list. That way, if one of your patrons causes trouble while in your bar or club, you can add their ID to the ban list. So, in the future, once their ID is scanned, there will be a message telling your security that the owner of the ID is not allowed in. This will add a sense of safety to your bar and club so that the rest of your patrons can be assured a safe and enjoyable time.

One great and often overlooked benefit of handheld ID card scanners is that it will store the demographics of your patrons. By collecting the age, gender, and location data from your handheld ID scanner, you will be able to see which demographic your club or bar appeals to the most. Once you have collected this data, you will be able to market yourself better online and on social media platforms to increase your profits or even begin to appeal to an additional demographic you think is desirable.

Equipping your security with a handheld ID scanner will give you a peace of mind about fake IDs and troublesome bar patrons while giving you nightly demographics to help your business strategy strengthen. It is one of the best things that you can purchase for your club or bar.