3 Popular Businesses That Can Benefit From Using Customer ID Scanners

  • October 24, 2018
  • Blog

ID scanners have become a business’ best friend. It’s simply the best and simplest way to verify the ages of countless people that come through your door without slowing down business. It’s a great form of customer service since it enables your staff to effectively verify the ages or status of people who walk through your door.

Here are some of the most popular businesses and industries that can benefit from the use of an ID scanner or barcode reader.

The music industry

Concert venues are known to take forever when it comes to verifying the age and status of a concert-goer. Not only do these venues need to ensure an individual is old enough to drink, but many other locations also have a minimum age to get into their concert hall.

As such, countless attendees will try to use fake IDs to gain access. Bars have managed to fix this problem through the use of a fake ID scanner, and concert venues should follow suit. A handheld drivers license scanner is a necessity for any concert venue or event location.

The local gym

It’s a common sentiment that gyms need to create a more streamlined way of checking in their patrons. Some have opted for standing kiosks with a self sign-in system but the best and simplest way to improve your customer service is through a handheld ID reader.

This will verify a customer’s membership and send them on their way. The innocuous magnetic strip on a credit or ID card can actually store up to 60 characters that offer information regarding a person’s name and account number. This is also great in case there is a medical emergency within the gym and you need to quickly identify and injured person whose ID may be in their gym locker. ID readers both encourage better customer service and support health and safety.


Checking into a hotel can be a nightmare depending on which franchise you choose. In order to create a more streamlined process, many hotel and motel owners could benefit from the use of fake ID scanners for many reasons. Teenagers trying to rent a room without parental permission is common in high school. If there’s an accident within your hotel, having patron information on file can help protect your guests and keep your business safe in the event of a lawsuit. With the prominence of online booking, simply verifying a guest by their ID through a fake ID scanner is an essential tool of the trade.

It seems almost any industry can benefit from the use of a contactless RFID reader. When you want to improve your business practices, don’t hesitate to call Peripheral Dynamics Inc. today or visit us online for more information.