Why All Businesses Should Accept Credit Cards

The inability to move with an innovating market can destroy any business from the inside out, whether you run a retail or transaction business.

Enter credit and debit cards. Now, nearly everyone shops with one or the other. In fact, about 70% of adults in the United States have at least one credit card, and many have multiple credit cards. If you conduct any type of business transaction in your store, it is critical that you have a barcode reader and magnetic readers to ensure the process of checking out is speedy.

Why Use Magnetic Scanners?

Only about 9% of people use cash when purchasing something. About 40% use credit or debit card. It doesn’t matter if you are selling apples or toys or lawn care services, be prepared to accept payment by credit card. For physical storefronts, a barcode reader is very important. A barcode reader is used to help a customer quickly check out (i.e. give you money). In addition to having a barcode reader, it is important that the next step is just as seamless, and implementing a credit card reader will do just the trick. In, shop, out. That is what customers want.

Well, what if you don’t sell physical products? What then? If you don’t sell physical products, a barcode reader might not be necessary, however, a credit card reader will still be essential. Being able to quickly capture a customers interest in a product or service is crucial in sales, any salesperson can tell you this. Just as important is making sure that once you have built customer trust, you do everything you can to maintain that trust so the customer has no reason to back out of a transaction.

Imagine a situation where you don’t have a magnetic strip scanner. A potential client walks into your store ready to purchase a unique service you offer. After spending 15 or 20 minutes explaining the benefits and selling yourself to the customer, a deal is made. The customer pulls out their wallet and there is no cash. There are no checks. The only thing there: a shiny credit card.

If you don’t have a credit card scanner in this situation, what do you think is going to happen? You might retain the sale. Maybe. But you are going to cause a major inconvenience on the customer’s end. Beyond that, you may lose customer confidence as they wonder why on earth a business would operate without a credit card scanner.

You can begin to see how barcode scanner, credit card readers, and even RFID card readers are important to ensure that your customers can pay in a way that is most convenient and accessible for them. As a business, your job is to ensure that you take care of customers’ needs in whatever way you can. In addition to providing a spectacular service, ensure that every touch you have with the customer is designed for satisfaction.