What Are the Benefits of Optical Mark Reading?

  • January 8, 2019
  • Blog

A 2016 Peerless Research Group study found that 38% of growing companies had plans to invest in RFID scanners and technology over the next year. One other type of technology that companies are finding to be increasingly useful is optical mark reading (OMR). This article is going to explore a few key benefits and uses of OMR technology.


Increased speed: When it comes to processing forms for things like registration, exams, and surveys, time is of the essence. Fortunately, using OMR forms can allow for increased speed in processing forms and information. OMR technology scan, analyze, and download the information marked on the forms with ease. This technology allows businesses and schools to quickly sort through the forms and be able to look at the information. There is a huge application for this type of technology to improve the speed of collecting and looking at information.


Improved reliability: Not only are paper documents difficult to sort through, but they can also be fairly easy to lose. This is why optical mark reading forms and technology are so great. When the OMR forms are scanned, there are minimal errors in reading the information. This isn’t always the case when humans are sorting through forms and information. OMR scanning is efficient, accurate, and allows companies to rest assured knowing the information on the forms is being read correctly.


Minimized cost: Using a full page scanner to read OMR forms allows businesses to cut down on expenses. Instead of paying people to process standardized forms, labor can be automated when an industrial document scanner is used. OMR forms can be scanned, read, and have the information downloaded in mass amounts, which reduced the need for people to input the information manually. All in all, the cost of processing these documents is quite minimal.


From tests and admission exams to election forms and assessment sheets, optical mark reading forms have a lot of benefits to offer. So if your business is looking for a more efficient way to process information, consider OMR technology.