Using Radio Technology in These Wi-fi Times

RFID Technology

RFID scanners — radio frequency identification scanners — are one of the most common uses of radio frequencies these days. RFID technology uses a range of frequencies to transport information near and far. RFID technology is used in magnetic card readers and inventory tracking scanners. For business owners, there are many ways to utilize radio technology to improve your inventory, streamline efficiencies, and strengthen your brand.

Inventory Tracking

RFID technology is very popular for inventory tracking. If you are a retail store, an RFID scanner will help you keep track of valuable merchandise from the moment it arrives at your location until it reaches your customer. A study conducted by the Gartner Group found that 15% of paper documents are misplaced, while over 5% of them are lost forever. If you rely on employees to physically record inventory with paper and pen, your business is open to a wider margin of error. RFID scanners allow you to attach an identification number to every product and every piece of paper in your store. This will allow for fewer mistakes and more money for your business.

Expand Your Inventory to Race Track Scanners

There are several options for using radio frequency technology to expand your inventory. Race track enthusiasts enjoy listening to the chatter of the pit crews, drivers, and announcers. Many fans take radio frequency scanners to races so that they can keep track of all those things and enhance their experience. If you live in an area where racing is popular, race track scanners are a smart addition to your inventory.

The first step is to find out what scanners do race tracks use. A smaller track in your area may use lower radio frequencies than the larger national and international races that come to your area. Most race frequencies are between the 450-470 Mhz range, though there are some drivers and crews that may use 800 Mhz frequencies. Once you’ve answered the question and know what scanners do race tracks use in your area, then you can stock the scanners that will sell regularly. The closer your proximity to the race track the better.

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