Power of Scanning: 6 Industries That Utilize Data Capture and Input Technology

  • February 19, 2019
  • Blog

Equipping field service workers with proper technology surely boosts efficiencies across the board. Some of the most important technologies that are used by various industries include barcode scanning (34% use this), mobile payment options (23%), and radio frequency identification (17%).

From correctly counting votes with ballot scanners to avoiding fraudulent issues at casinos, there are all kinds of industries that rely on accurate and efficient data capture and input equipment. Here are some of the main industries that utilize magnetic strip scanner equipment:


  • Voting — Ballot scanners are great for precinct and county voting, as well as counting absentee ballots. Additionally, since software support for both ballet design and voter registration is important, these innovative devices can offer plenty of assistance.


  • Lottery — Lottery scanners are great for reading bet slips and validating instant lotto tickets with fast processing capabilities, make sense scanning, and image scanning. Forms can be scanned in various orientations and with a variety of data fields, as well.


  • Gaming — Data entry devices are imperative for the gaming industry and help casinos remain profitable. Casinos rely on ticket, voucher, and card verification technology for both players and staff. Plus, there are individual scanning products available for blackjack, pari-mutuel, Keno, and more.


  • Banking — The banking industry needs quality scanners for both data transmission and financial security. Magnetic chip readers are utilized for ATMs, security access, personnel tracking, check verification, remittance processing, receipt scanning, printing, and so much more.


  • Education — Without image and optical mark scanners, educational testing would be extremely disorganized. These devices make testing and scoring much more efficient through custom form design, printing, and data collection. Additionally, test answers can be transmitted instantaneously for quick and easy evaluating.


  • Retail — Bar code readers, magnetic swipe readers, and optical mark scanners can be used for all kinds of products within the retail sector. Point of sale transactions can be improved through form scanners and check scanners, as well.


If you want to learn more about the benefits of utilizing innovative scanner machines or purchase quality ballot scanners, license scanners, magnetic card scanner, and other scanning equipment, contact Peripheral Dynamics Inc. right away.