Going Paperless Can Boost Employee Productivity

  • April 4, 2018
  • Blog

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Most business have important documents and files they need to store. Whether it’s financial statements, customer information, or important business plans, files and documents need to be stored properly. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t utilize tabletop scanners and choose to store hard copies of documents instead. This is an unsecured, unorganized way of managing documents and this article is going to discuss a few ways document and image scanners can benefit businesses.

Increased Document Security
With paper documents lying around on people’s desks, in communal office space, or in filing cabinets, it can be all too easy for important documents to be lost. Using a full page scanner can allow a business to upload their documents to a secure online system. This significantly reduces the risk of documents being lost, stolen, or damaged. Additionally, having an online filing system can allow employers to know which employees have access to which documents. This ensures that important documents will only be accessed by those who are allowed. Not only does using a computer document scanner increase security within the business, it can protect customer and company information from those outside of the business who may want to steal information.

Improved Efficiency
If a company has mass amounts of files and documents, it can be difficult for employees to quickly find the document they’re looking for. Spending time looking for documents can decrease how efficiently an employee is able to do their job. However, being able to search and find a certain document or file within seconds will decrease employee frustration and overall boost productivity. Companies will be able to organize their files in a way that best fits their needs and allows their employees to do their jobs more efficiently.

More Environmentally Friendly
Each office worker in the U.S. uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper every year. With that much paper being used, a document or image scanner can significantly reduce paper waste in an office. While some offices that rely heavily on paper documents may be hesitant to make the switch to a paperless system, it can prove to be extremely beneficial. Not only can going paperless with a document and image scanner save money on paper expenses, but the company can feel good about doing their part to decrease paper waste.

Hopefully, this article proved why utilizing the help of an ezscan unit can be beneficial for businesses. Whether you’re looking to cut down on paper costs or simply find a better filing system, using a scanner to go paperless is the way to do it.