Advantages of Handheld ID Scanners for Race Tracks and Casinos

  • February 12, 2020
  • Blog

The most successful businesses make customer service their priority by engaging customers, keeping them engaged, and meeting or exceeding their expectations. For other kinds of businesses – such as race tracks and casinos – customer service is a priority but it is followed closely by security. What if the technology existed to combine these two important objectives? Handheld ID scanners for race tracks and casinos do all this and more.


Tracking the activity of customers is vital to successful marketing plans and campaigns. But it’s easier said than done and requires a range of diverse and tech-savvy methods, such as social media engagement, and the ability to record customer behavior during the points at which they use your services, make purchases, and otherwise engage with your business. For the latter, handheld ID card scanners are invaluable. These scanners, wielded remotely and with convenience by trained staff make it possible to accumulate data about your customers; preferences, tendencies, habits, and purchases by scanning their activity throughout the casino, race track, or bar. This data can be used to enhance the experience for returning customers, and make new or infrequent customers into regular returning customers.


On the other end of the spectrum with these versatile scanners for race tracks and casinos is security and compliance – perhaps their best-known or at least most common application. Maintaining a gaming license in good standing requires rigorous compliance – few businesses are as regulated as gaming businesses. Providing staff with the ability to instantly, remotely, and seamlessly redirect banned individuals and confirm ages and identities is a significant advantage over the process common with conventional stationary scanners for race tracks and casinos. And those two capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to compliance: handheld driver’s license scanners help your business comply with money laundering and OFAC lists as well.


Unfortunately, lists of banned, restricted, or excluded customers grow daily. Adding problem customers to these lists is seamless and rapid with handheld ID scanners for race tracks and casinos. Identifying them and beginning the steps necessary to keep them away from your business is a huge step in maintaining a secure casino, race track, or bar. Handheld ID card scanners allow floor staff to instantly communicate about the presence of restricted customers, enhancing security for the staff, clientele, and the business.

The Future is Now

It wasn’t long ago that the ability to instantly identify and access data on a casino or race track patron seemed like fodder from a time-travel film. But it exists now and is both accessible and convenient. Your business can gain a significant advantage over the competition by integrating handheld ID scanners for race tracks and casinos as soon as possible.