3 Types of Technology Today’s Casinos Need

  • September 13, 2018
  • Blog

Today’s casinos are more high-tech than ever. From the way customers play the games to how casino owners keep track of chips and money, technology is everywhere throughout modern casinos. But which types of technology can casinos benefit from most? Let’s take a look at a few key types of technology you can find in casinos.

RFID technology: RFID is one type of technology that companies continue to invest in, with a 2016 Peerless Research Group study showing that 38% of companies planned to invest in RFID within the next year. So with today’s technology, casinos can use things like RFID to ensure their chips and patrons are more secure than ever. RFID readers can be used to actually track chips when chips are made with RFID transmitters inside. This way, casino owners can know where all of the chips are at all times. RFID technology can also be used to ensure employees only go where they’re supposed to go and to keep track of cash boxes.

ID scanners: It’s the casino owner and manager’s job to ensure everyone is legally allowed into the venue. And without the proper technology, it can be difficult to check IDs sufficiently. Fortunately, ID readers can help with this. Using a proper ID reader, casino staff can not only check IDs quickly, but they can ensure no one under age can get it. Fake IDs don’t scan, so the ID reader will show it’s fake right away. And with this added security, casinos can make sure everyone inside is safe.

Game technology: Going to the casino is all about the games — so casinos obviously need updated game technology. Common game technology may include things like lottery scanners, slot machines, race track scanners, and even mobile apps for patrons to play while waiting for spots to open up. With the right technology, casinos can provide their guests and customers with endless fun without having to wait in long lines and be inconvenienced.

So whether it’s using ID readers and RFID technology for security purposes or things like lottery scanners and mobile apps for entertainment, casinos can benefit from all of these different types of technology.