3 Reasons Why You Should Use Barcodes in Your Facility

  • September 19, 2019
  • Blog

Barcodes are everywhere; on chips packets, cartons of milk, your favorite perfume, and almost every item you purchase in a grocery store. A magnetic barcode reader helps cashiers in stores to quickly identify and charge products by reading the information on the barcode.

But barcodes go beyond stores. Member clubs can use them when issuing membership cards. Companies can use barcodes in identifying employees, and engineers can use them to identify assembling components. A license scanner can check the authenticity of a driver’s license. There are many benefits that using barcodes can present.

Save on Paperwork

Keeping paperwork about each of your employees and customers is cumbersome. And the likelihood of mixing up or losing most of it is high. Statistics from the Gartner Group indicate that 15% of paperwork documents get misplaced while 7.5% are lost entirely. Barcodes store lots of information about the cardholder in parallel lines of different widths and spacing. The barcode will represent a numerical field in a company’s database. A magnetic barcode reader provides easy access to this information. Rather than spend time perusing through numerous paperwork to find information on an employee or customer, the barcodes provide quick access, saving time.

Improved Security

One significant advantage of using barcodes is its effectiveness in maintaining the security of a place. Membership and ID cards are easy to fake, but the barcode isn’t. Using this technology will ensure that your security personnel does not allow unauthorized people from accessing your facility. Humans are prone to making errors and forgetfulness, but magnetic card readers are precise.


The cost of adding a barcode on your membership or employee cards and in labeling components is low compared to the benefits it will bring. The barcodes are an easy feature to add to your card or product. No sophisticated equipment is necessary to print the parallel line. Your ID badge printer can print the barcode as long as its software supports it. There are two types of barcodes you can print: one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. Also known as linear barcodes, one-dimensional barcodes are made up of numbers and letters or a combination of both. Two-dimensional barcodes are more complex than one-dimensional and will store a significantly substantial amount of data. The only cost you most likely will incur is purchasing a magnetic barcode reader.

The use of barcodes can be beneficial to organizations in a myriad of ways, and the best part is that creating barcodes is an easy process. All you will need is a magnetic barcode reader. The id reader will maintain security in your premises, save time, and provide accuracy in the production process.