3 Reasons Businesses Should Print ID Cards In-House

  • March 14, 2019
  • Blog

More and more businesses are choosing to invest in technology that makes their jobs easier and more efficient. In fact, a 2016 Peerless Research Group study found that 38% of companies planned on investing in RFID within 12 months. But one type of technology that many businesses can benefit from is ID card printers. Numerous companies use ID readers to ensure the security of their building, but why not print employee IDs right at the business? Let’s take a look at a few benefits of printing ID cards in-house.

It’s quicker: When a new employee starts at a business and needs an ID card, they need it pretty quickly. Unfortunately, if the company outsources its ID printing, it could take a while to get the ID. This is also true is ID cards need to be replaced or updated. Having an in-house ID card dispenser can ensure that employees, both new and existing, bet their IDs when they need them. In doing this, there’s no waiting around and people can start using their ID cards right away.

It saves money: Having ID cards plays a key role in security. Whether it’s everyone swiping their cards at the front of the building or limiting which people get access to certain areas, having ID cards is essential for many businesses. So unlike some other administrative tasks, ID cards have to get done. But if companies are looking to cut down on expenses, making ID cards in-house will do the trick. Instead of paying an outside company to make and ship the ID cards, businesses can simply buy a handheld ID scanner and printer and take care of the task themselves.

It’s more secure: Using an outside company to print and ship ID cards isn’t also secure. The cards could be copied or they could even get lost in the mail. This is why it can be so great to make them in-house. Doing this limits the risks that come with using an outside ID provider. A company can know when and where their handheld ID scanner and printer is being used, which cards are being made, and who they’re administered to. Overall, this process is more secure when it’s done inside the company.

As you can see, there are endless benefits to printing ID cards within the company. So if you’re looking to make your ID cards quicker and more securely, consider printing them in-house.