3 Essential Tools Every Business Needs

  • April 26, 2018
  • Blog

magnetic id card readerWhen it comes to running an organized, productive business, it all boils down to the tools that are supplied to employees. Because of this, it’s crucial that employers provide their staff with the tools they need to be successful. But with so many options, how do employers choose what their employees need and what they don’t? This article is going to discuss a few essential tools every business should have to in order to have the business be as productive, secure, and efficient as possible.

Document Scanner

If employees need to manage and use a number of documents each day, a high-quality document scanner is an absolute must-have. Whether it’s a full page scanner or a half-page image scanner, having access to a document scanner will allow employees to be as productive as possible. By being able to scan documents into an online document management system, employees will be able to access, edit, send, and save any and all files they need to work on each day with ease. This will not only allow employees to be as productive as possible, but will also allow for maximum file security and organization. Data from the Gartner Group shows that 15% of paper documents are misplaced, with 7.5% of documents being lost completely. Ensuring files are properly stored and backed up is something every business should do.

Project Manager

When it comes to maximizing productivity, having access to a project manager is crucial. A task or project manager will allow employees to better organize the numerous tasks and projects they have to manage while at work. Using a project manager will help employees focus on more prominent projects and prioritize what needs to be done first. Additionally, using a project manager will boost cross collaboration because everyone will be on the same page regarding a certain project. Overall, being able to see all of their current projects and tasks in one organized location will help employees do their jobs more efficiently.

ID Readers

While having a magnetic ID card reader isn’t necessarily essential to doing their job, employees should have access to an ID reader for security purposes. When it comes to employee safety, employers should take all necessary measures. For larger companies, this may mean investing in magnetic ID card readers. By managing which employees are allowed in which areas of a company, business owners can know their employees are only accessing what they should be accessing for their jobs. Additionally, utilizing magnetic ID card readers allows businesses to ensure no outsiders are entering areas they shouldn’t be. This allows for maximum safety and security when it comes to protecting employees as well as business information.

There are a lot of tools that can help boost employee productivity and business security. Hopefully, these ideas will help you decide what your employees need to be able to do their jobs more efficiently. Whether it’s getting a new scanner for the office, giving employees access to a project management system, or utilizing magnetic ID card readers to boost security, even the smallest change can make a big difference.