13 Reasons Why Your Hotel Should Use a Passport Scanner

  • August 7, 2018
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Hotels are places of extreme hospitality, convenience, and guest satisfaction. They exist to serve the customer in one of the most complete ideologies compared to the majority of other businesses. However, hotels are still a business and there are many rules and restrictions that they must follow for the safety of the company, the employees, and the customers.

A common implementation as a result of those safety measures is a passport scanner. There are many reasons why a hotel should use a passport scanner but here are just a few.

  1. Scan, manage, and store guest identification as well as protect their privacy.
  2. Passports are one of the most secure forms of identification, and a scanner can greatly increase hotel security measures.
  3. Manual input of updated guest information is no longer a necessity and can be completed with a quick scan.
  4. Environmentally friendly methods of scanning eliminate the need for a paper photocopy of identification. Can also be applicable to ID readers, drivers license scanners, and credit card readers.
  5. Saves the hotel money on paper cost and time to manually input data.
  6. Physical storage space for guest identification documents is eliminated.
  7. Creates an organized and structured digital database of guest information, allowing for a more efficient and convenient way for authorized access.
  8. Makes reporting suspicious behavior or unwanted guests to the authorities safer for the employee and faster in general.
  9. Creates a customer database without any effort to be used in marketing and sales campaigns in the foreseeable future.
  10. Reduces errors made by employees in the entry of guest information.
  11. Most scanners can be integrated with hotel software to allow for seamless implementation and minimal training of hotel staff.
  12. Increases customer experience and satisfaction due to front desk employees spending more time creating a hospitable and friendly interaction with guests instead of entering data.
  13. Significantly reduces check-in time, saving money and increasing customer satisfaction.

Roughly 46% of people in the United States have a passport, making a passport scanner a completely viable and integral part of the hospitality business.

Security is an essential aspect of any business but especially so for those who handle large quantities of sensitive customer information. Using the proper technology can help create a well-rounded and fortified security position in your business.