NFC-1000 is ideal for payment systems and transport fare collection systems. It supports MIFARE, ISO-14443 Type A/B, RF-Tag, Visa-Wave, Pay-Pass Level 1 Applications. It also supports card reader, P2P, Card emulation function based on NFC Forum.

  • Contactless for the following:
  • NFC
  • ISO-14443 Type A/B
  • RF-Tag
  • Visa-Wave
  • Paypass Level 1

Power Consumption Reading: 200 mA
Module Size 65mm * 100mm
Supply Voltage DC5 Volt
Operating Range Up to 5 Cm
Modulation Type ASK 8 ~ 100%
Application On Board Units, Contactless PC Terminals, NFC Application
TAG Protocol MIFARE, ISO/IEC 14443 A/B Standards, Felica, NFC p2p
Frequency 13.56 MHz