A Manual Swipe Type Magnetic Card Reader with USB Keyboard (USB-HID) interface and no need to install driver (PC auto detects this device). It can read up to 3 tracks of information bi-directionally and enhances the usability and adds flexibility.

  • Reads ISO-1,2,3 Tracks, Bi-directionally
  • USB HID Interface (no need to install driver)
  • Dual Headed and Bi-directional Swipe Type
  • USB Interface & USB Powered (5V)
  • LED Indicator
  • Manual Swipe Reader
  • KTDU-2200


  • ATM
  • Vending Machine
  • Kiosk (information & payment)
  • POS System

Standard Size
M: Mini Size
1: Keyboard Wedge
2: RS232C
3: USB
DU: Dual Head &
0: Din Type
1: Mini Din Type
(Only for KT-1000)
1: ISO-1 track
2: ISO-2 track
3: ISO-3 track
5: ISO-1&2 track
6: ISO-2&3 track
8: ISO-1&2&3 track
2: Default
9: Customized