Imagine a solution that scans and reads IDs, including driver’s licenses and passports within a blink of an eye. Suits perfectly to front-desk applications like hotel check-in, car rental, casinos, retail stores and visitor management systems. This is Combo Scan which can save up to 3-4 minutes per guest and reads accurately international IDs too.

Combo Scan is perfect for age verification, client registration and visitor management applications. It provides a secure and superfast method of ID scanning and reading.

Utilize Combo Scan to provide a fully digitalized solution where scanned data remains secure and inaccessible. Operates from a single USB connection, thus it is highly portable.

Seamless integration into any IT environment is ensured by the provided SDK package.

Main benefits

  • Accurate data entry within seconds, without typos
  • Forget the headache when trying to read foreigner IDs
  • Be compliant to privacy and security regulations
  • Have more time to focus on your clients not on typing
  • Looks great. Fits well to any front-office application.