A motorized insertion type of magnetic stripe card reader / writer with RS-232C interface that can read/write data on three tracks of a magnetic stripe card in accordance with ISO-7810, 7811 and to read/write data on an IC card (T=0 / T=1 Protocol) in accordance with ISO-7816. The CIM-4000 is able to support binary code read/write.

  • Designed Against Overlapped Cards Dispensing
  • Card Low Detection Signal
  • Card Empty Detection
  • Extension Hopper: 300 & 500 pieces
  • RF Module can be Equipped at Option
  • TTL and RS-232C Interface
  • Various Options are Available:
    (Error Card Capture, Remaining Card Indication, etc.)


  • Kiosk (information & payment)
  • POS System
  • Parking Lot System
  • Highway Tollgate System